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The grass is greener in someone else’s yard / Trava je u tudjem dvoristu zelenija

The grass is greener in someone else’s yard (The pitfalls of advertising and media)

Do you sometimes feel like something is missing in your life? Do you feel as you need just one particular thing, and you might finally feel fulfilled and happy. Do you look to the others and you think they leave happily lives that are orderly and complete? Now I am going to tell you that “perfect life” does not exist and that it’s myth. But as I felt that way for many times I am writing this article now asI don’t want you to fall into the trap.

rsz_1mannequin-figure-968521_1280-1Turn on TV and you will be overwhelmed by advertisements.. you will get complete instructions that products you should buy, to look exactly the same as people from TV. You might see perfect haircuts and white teeth. The woman might be in beautiful dresses and high hills while taking children to the creche. The man goes to work in perfectly tidy shirts after arguing with the children during the breakfast. More alike they’ve got stains from food that children were throwing, but you can not see that on TV.

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Kako izbjeci sukobe kod neslaganja misljenja

Autentičnost i neslaganje okoline – kako izbjeći konflikt


Nedavno sam dobila komentar starije prijateljice, koji je zvučao ovako: “…ti si oduvijek živjela neki svoj život. “. 🙂 Što to znači – upitala sam je. “Nisi nikad nikog slušala” – odgovorila mi je.

Prijatelj mi govori: “…ti nikad nisi bila poslušna”. O, moj Bože!!! 🙂 E, pa stvarno svašta!!!

Teta mi je mnogo puta rekla: “…nikad se nisi dala “podrediti”.

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