Thoughts on God, Existence and Mission / Promisljanja o Bogu, egzistenciji i misiji

Thoughts on God, Existence and Mission

Are you a thinker? I am. I observe and analyze everything. It’s just the way how my brain works. Fast. 🙂 Even I do not want to see some stuff I see them. I never see just what’s on the surface so you might get impressed if you notice that I exactly know that something was going on with you even I do not see you. Even I just read your text or hear the voice. You might live very far away but if I care I’d notice.

But this is not exactly my message I want to share with you today. I want to ask you do you know why are you in the world. I mean none of us know how did we get here and what to do. We think we know because we are raised to be polite, finish school, get a job, get married, have children and wait for the pension. Hahaha!

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About friendship and self-development / O prijateljstvu i samorazvoju

About friendship and self-development

I was thinking a lot about this subject recently, and I want to share with you some of my thoughts. Furthermore, I want to hear it from you. Prob you also have had some introspection when it comes to your friendship.

Losing friend(s) is painful. We usually ask ourselves is there something wrong with us. Or that something might be wrong with the other person. Nothing good would come out from the blame.

rsz_teddy-889892_1920First of all, we are all responsible for own our life. Fully. We are the only person responsible for our thoughts and our feelings. The other person can behave that we don’t like, or we did not expect, but we are the one who would let another person hurt us in the future again, or we would protect ourselves.

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Going throug PTSD Terror – Sounds Familiar?

I had a terrible dream last night. I awoke with the feeling of heaviness and loneliness. The dream seemed so real, and I couldn’t avoid thinking about it. It was connected with the time when I was sick so couldn’t let the fear even when woke up and realized that that was just a dream (the happening two days ago but yesterday my daughter had tantrums, and I couldn’t update new post).

rsz_access-933120_1920-1I make some coffee and have a look at social networks and then found two amazing articles. So the first I read James Prescot’s article – Afraid? Today Can Be Different (click on the title), and when I read all ha said it sounded so familiar to me. This is his description of being afraid: “Usually, my response is excess panic, emotion, stress, anxiety, fear, thinking a million steps ahead, thousands of ‘what ifs’, jumping all the steps straight to the result, pulse rate going into emergency mode, adrenaline pumping, rational thought gone, mind clouded, stress levels growing.”.

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