Thoughts on God, Existence and Mission / Promisljanja o Bogu, egzistenciji i misiji

Thoughts on God, Existence and Mission

Are you a thinker? I am. I observe and analyze everything. It’s just the way how my brain works. Fast. 🙂 Even I do not want to see some stuff I see them. I never see just what’s on the surface so you might get impressed if you notice that I exactly know that something was going on with you even I do not see you. Even I just read your text or hear the voice. You might live very far away but if I care I’d notice.

But this is not exactly my message I want to share with you today. I want to ask you do you know why are you in the world. I mean none of us know how did we get here and what to do. We think we know because we are raised to be polite, finish school, get a job, get married, have children and wait for the pension. Hahaha!

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Testimony of Faith and Healing / Svjedocanstvo o bolesti, molitvi i ozdravljenju

Testimony of Faith and Healing

The story I want to share with you is not just about happiness, but it is the testimony of the disease, faith, struggle, and healing.

Until a year and a half, I had a very sketchy criteria what should happen to make me feeling satisfied in any way. I had had decent living conditions. After seeing my boyfriend couple of years, we have decided to move up, so we got married and decided to become PARENTS. No one couldn’t be happier than us when we found out I was – PREGNANT!

rsz_red-school-blur-factoryWe have had a small, comfy house (in our ownership). The finance was solid. Our relationship was great. We had everything we needed for a happy life. Only I missed job. I am extrovert and need to be around the other people. So in that way I couldn’t find the way toexplore my possibilities. I moved from town to a village (because my husband got a job here, and I didn’t work at that time after getting back from Ireland). So there weren’t desirable job offers near the place we live. As I am curious and have a restless spirit, I keep thinking I might miss something. So it looks like I took some things for granted. Obviously I wasn’t grateful all the time and I should. I was wondering should we go to work and live abroad, or get back to town, etc.

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