Toxic parents / Toksicni roditelji

Toxic parents


I am the mother of a 15-month-old beautiful little girl. In fact, all parents think that there is no more beautiful child in the world as their child. Parents are not able to see the lack of beauty or any other irregularity on their child/children. Let’s face it, when born, children are not perfectly shaped. When the baby comes out, it’s a bit shriveled, unformed. Sensitive parts of their bodies as head, tummy, arms, and legs form later, when the child grows up a bit. But mother sees the magnificent creation immediately. She can look at the child for hours, admiring and loving every piece of her baby which she proudly delivered to this world. Later on, when a child becomes capable of grabbing some food with a spoon or knife, or even to arrange cubes in the right order, a parent feels like his child made something meaningful for the progress of the whole humanity.

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Mother vs. Woman / Majka vs. Zena

Mother vs. Woman

Mothers do yourself a favour – be selfish from time to time

Guest author: Svetlana Palalic


Busy mom

When the woman becomes a mother, an entire world, even she at the beginning forgets that below of ‘Mother’s skin’ still breathe ‘Woman’ that has her own needs that have nothing to do with her children. Why mothers feel guilty if they ‘steal’ a little time from motherhood and spend it on resting and enjoying in tiny female pleasures?

 After I gave a birth to my elder son, something clicked in my head, and I suddenly thought that I need to turn into a superwoman. My house was cleaner than a chemist’s, my family enjoyed a delicious, home-made food every day, I jumped on every wink of my baby, even my dog was satisfied. I mastered multitasking. Juggled between house works and a baby like a real pro. In my job description of a housewife, I could add even mowing of the lawn.

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I would like to thank my blogging partner Blog to Breathe for nominating me for LIEBSTER AWARDS! We have only started this adventure a month ago but it feels like ages. Our friendship has already become incredibly deeper and stronger. A blessing to work with you, dear unicorn!
Leibster is a German word that means beautiful, lovely, nice…. It’s a game between bloggers… where you get to be nominated to nominate! Let’s play!!

Rules of the game!

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Partiu! Vamonos! Yallah!
11 random facts about myself:

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