Thoughts on God, Existence and Mission / Promisljanja o Bogu, egzistenciji i misiji

Thoughts on God, Existence and Mission

Are you a thinker? I am. I observe and analyze everything. It’s just the way how my brain works. Fast. 🙂 Even I do not want to see some stuff I see them. I never see just what’s on the surface so you might get impressed if you notice that I exactly know that something was going on with you even I do not see you. Even I just read your text or hear the voice. You might live very far away but if I care I’d notice.

But this is not exactly my message I want to share with you today. I want to ask you do you know why are you in the world. I mean none of us know how did we get here and what to do. We think we know because we are raised to be polite, finish school, get a job, get married, have children and wait for the pension. Hahaha!

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Why do I blog / Why do you blog – Zasto pisem blog / Zasto pisete blog

Why do I blog / Why do you blog

I am still a newbie in the bloggers world. I’ve done few steps forward and then realized that I need to slow down. But for so far I can say that I learnt a lot. I am very passionate about blogging and other bloggers. It’s wide and interesting world I discovered. I need to admit that only a few years ago I thought that bloggers are boring people who bother people with some stuff not knowing why. I had a friend blogger who use to send me the email with every new blog she wrote and I thought ok.. interesting butwhat affectation. Ha-ha! Realy. Not nice but that’s what I thought about blogging. I never thought I would become blogger one day and that I would love it.

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Welcome to the #coolmumclub linky! Week 5…

I’m really chuffed to say, as of next week (Thursday 5th November) #coolmumclub HQ will be joined by the awesome Talya, from Motherhood the real deal (@motherhoodreal), as a co-host. This means your blog posts and tweets will get another share by another, extremely cool, blogger. Talyas blog and mine are cut from the same cloth…so she was the perfect co-host. If you haven’t followed her yet, it’s a must. It’s superb to have you on board Talya. We’ll have the new badge ready for next week. Check out her announcement post over on her blog here.

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