Why to follow the passion / Zasto slijediti strast

The Benefits of Following Passion are Huge

This is a story about following my dream and encouraging you to follow yours. All I am sharing here with you I’ve tried. I am not writing the article like it’s for the magazine, so I am taking the piece here and there. This story is personal and unique.

I didn’t always have the courage to do what I want to do. The other people inspired me and helped me to believe I deserve to do all I want. So I have decided to write about it and shared. If I help someone to leave fear and try, I’ll be very happy.

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Adventure called – BABY!!!


These days I read tons of articles, mostly blogs written by mothers. I have to admit that I had recognized myself in them. Why would anyone look at them if could not acknowledge the problem and get some helpful tips, right?!

You are never really ready for the motherhood. We planned a pregnancy. I went to see a doc confirm the happy news. The next nine months I struggle with all possible changes in my body (hormonal, psychological, physical). I laughed. I cried. I couldn’t stand the high sounds so one morning I had kicked night light to the wall because neighbor’s children were making noise. Then finally, one day I become a MOTHER.

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Na što obratiti pozornost prije i poslije objave posta – VAZNO!!!


Moram priznati da sam otkako sam počela s pisanjem bloga, običavala sjesti za kompjuter, otvoriti dokument i napisala bih post bez ikakvog preispitivanja, da li to netko uopće želi pročitati.

Blog je nastao na temelju vlastite opservacije i interpretacije svijeta koji me (nas) okružuje, s naglaskom na ono što je lijepo, vedro i pozitivno. Kako sam dublje ulazila u područje blog(ovanja) i istraživala, naučila sam da sam sadržaj nije i ne može biti dovoljan da bi netko pročitao ono što želim prenijeti svijetu, bez obzira na kvalitetu sadržaja.

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